Residential Architecture Project - Montclair, New Jersey

Architecture Project: Single-family Residence in Montclair, NJ

Sometimes in life you find yourself needing more space.  Here’s the story about a young family from Brooklyn that outgrew the apartment-living life style, by way of a blessing of a new child. Boom, more space needed!


Anyone moving to the suburbs of New Jersey from New York City will run into a lot of challenges; uprooting a family is but one, finding that new home in the right area, with the right school system, with the right commuting options, with the right closing dates on the old apartment and new house, and the money and patience to endure all of it, can put a major strain on a family to say the least.


Double that effort with orchestrating getting all the designers, builders, and professionals together to renovate the house upon move-in. And you can see how that could really make you question your sanity. Living in the house through construction is the icing on the nut cake.


Most of the time, this is how a home renovation is done and how it needs to be done. The owners of this renovation in Montclair, New Jersey were champs at the entire process and a true pleasure to work for.


Included in this project was opening up the existing kitchen and living room onto a new family room addition in the rear yard. Between the family room addition and driveway is a replacement of an enclosed porch with a new mudroom entry, and a guest suite with new bathroom.


Upstairs the existing master suite was expanded by changing the existing bathroom into a closet to be used by the adjacent bedroom for the owners’ son. A new master bath was added over the new first floor addition.

before house front
before rear of house
before house side entry
after house addition rear
after house addition mudroom
after house mudroom