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Prime Draft Studio

Founded in New Jersey on the belief that architects are obliged to understand the values of clients and transform those values into a built reality. The best projects are those that champion the interests, beliefs and goals that are at the heart of each client.

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New Residential Construction

Whether you’re looking to  tear down and existing house and start over or go with completely new construction from the ground up, on vacant land, Prime Draft Studio can deliver expert full-house designs.

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Additions to Existing Houses

Adding onto an existing house comes with its own set of architectural challenges. Prime Draft Studio has the experience and expertise to overcome these architectural challenges with creative and affordable solutions.

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Interior Layouts and Spatial Planning

The interrelation of the spaces of a home’s interior can be a tricky puzzle to solve.  Prime Draft Studio is skilled at developing interesting and efficient spaces within your home.





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Mike Sweebe, AIA is the owner and creative director behind Prime Draft Studio.  Mike is a member of the American Institute of Architects and is also certified with the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards.

Mike has 20+ years of experience and has worked on hundreds of successful architecture projects of all types. Mike has designed new, ground-up homes, home additions, home renovations, retail space makeovers, restaurants and day care centers, and a wide variety of other projects.

Mike is a licensed and registered architect in the states of New York and New Jersey and services all of New Jersey including Morris County, Essex County, Union County, Bergen County and New York City.

Mike brings together architectural creativity, vast experience and white glove customer service.  This rare combination makes him a pleasure to work with and ensures your satisfaction.

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Why Choose Prime Draft Studio?

One of the benefits Prime Draft Studio has in the architecture profession is our extensive experience in the arrangement of spaces and ensuring the proper functioning of all interior areas within the design of a building. Spatial requirements for furniture and how users occupy and move through linked spaces are major factors.   Many buildings in our world were designed with first focus on the overall exterior appearance of the building and interior spaces were left as after-thoughts, stuffed into the pre-designed building ‘container’.   At Prime Draft Studio, we design architecture from a multi-directional approach; no building design is a one-track thought. Though we certainly consider the building’s exterior appearance, its consideration is at the same time we develop the equally important interior areas of a project. One neither precedes nor follows the other.   There is celebration in how all areas of a building, inside and out, affect, impact and change each other. They dialogue and interact. There is always give and take. Each area is ultimately flexible. This is what makes design exciting. This is architecture at Prime Draft Studio.