Our Process as NJ Residential Architects

We listen to you and your story about your home

We answer your questions about your home project

We explain every detail about your architectural project

We Make Your Dream Home A Reality


The most important part of our architectural process is your involvement.

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As a New Jersey residential architecture firm, Prime Draft Studio’s first step is to listen to you and listen closely.


At Prime Draft Studio, we love to listen to a good story. We want to hear your story at the site of it, your home. The story of how you live in your current home has your unique signature. No home addition or renovation project is truly identical when you look at it closely. We believe this is something that sets us apart from other top architecture firms in New Jersey.


We always hear something fresh with each new client’s story. Your story may be about your current living situation in the home you want to renovate. It may be a story of how an ideal house would differ from the actual, existing spaces you live in. It may be about what your ideal house could be, how new spaces should be arranged together, ideas of what a completely new house from the ground up should be.

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When you walk Prime Draft Studio through your story, we will ask questions to help you see your full picture and we will also answer any of your questions about the whole process that you may have for us. Answers may be in the form of simple pre-design suggestions about areas of your current home or ideal home that are likely to be addressed during our future design phases.

With all of the information gathered from listening to you, Prime Draft Studio’s next step is to prepare a proposal outlining our services.


We consider ourselves to be one of the best NJ residential architects, and we  pride ourselves on the fact that our proposals are extensive. You will not simply be receiving a dollar figure for our service fee, though that is included, but rather an in-depth four-part document.

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In this document, you will find a reiteration of all of the information you stated at our first meeting in conjunction with specific suggestions we have regarding any of the areas you mentioned. Next, we describe everything we are likely to produce, which includes a list of drawings to be produced during documentation of the existing conditions of the house (if an existing structure is part of your project), drawing sketches prepared during the design phase, and a list of the detailed drawings produced as part of the construction documentation phase. We also describe our fee structure and exactly how we arrive at our number. This much detail in a proposal is hard to come by from other New Jersey architects. And lastly, we will state the estimated amount of time needed for us to accomplish our work.

Finally, the last step of our process is to get to work. We will start right away after you give us approval. Our goal as NJ residential architects is to give you the best experience possible and the best home possible.

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