16 Mar

Why Having an Architect Design Craftsman-Style House Plans Is Important

Why Having an Architect Design Craftsman-Style House Plans Is ImportantThe Craftsman-style home has been delighting families and architects since the early 20th century. Inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement of the late 19th century, this style of house captures the beauty of simple designs and natural, local materials.

Looking around, you may notice that a variety of different housing styles can incorporate the warm essence of this family-centric dwelling. For instance, bungalows, farmhouses, cabins, duplexes, and prairie houses all can capture the artistic quality of the Craftsman. No matter the style, the goal remains the same: to create a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere for friends and family to enjoy.

Because of its pure and rustic characteristics, the Craftsman-style house needs to be expertly designed for the individual. Organic, handmade, and localized materials remain the cornerstone of these kinds of homes. Therefore, the design and building process must be met with great care.

Not only do these artisan dwellings need the right attention, but they also have to work for the homeowner. A house plan should be designed for its occupants and their lives, not the other way around. Since building a home is a huge undertaking anyway, why not hire an architect to ensure you get the design you want?


  • Experience
    When hiring an architect, you’re buying his/her knowledge and experience. This accomplished professional has seen it all and knows exactly what needs to be done so you can live in the Craftsman home of your dreams. Designers are natural creatives who consider all angles of a house plan including practicality, quality materials, and budget along with those indescribable aspects that turns a house into a home.  


  • Advocacy
    Your architect will have your back during the entire building process. He/she will mediate between you and everyone involved like contractors and subcontractors. Designers can help you choose the right materials for your Craftsman home while negotiating prices so you don’t go over budget. Plus, understanding those confusing building codes and regulations are also part of an architect’s job!


  • Big picture
    It’s hard to think about the overall look and feel of a home before it’s built. Entryways, bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, and garages have to flow perfectly with each other. You need someone who can unify the entire design by bringing in the practical elements of daily life. For example, will you be lugging groceries to the kitchen from the garage or the front door? A professional will think of these layout solutions and more that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. After all, the look and feel of a Craftsman home must be taken to heart.


  • Technical knowledge
    Practicality is an important factor in a nice house. Architects already know how to keep the structural integrity of a house sturdy while enhancing a beautiful design. For instance, if you want to go “green” with solar panels or eco-friendly materials, the designer will provide you with a modern home that still has the classic markings of a Craftsman.


  • Saves money
    Right from the beginning, your building planner will sit and discuss your ideas to put down on paper. However, these ideas might evolve and change before construction. So it’s the architect’s job to listen to them and make those updates before building begins to avoid costs later on. Designers can also see potential problems that must be dealt with early on that might cost more later. Plus, architects can build energy-efficient houses, saving on electric bills for years to come.  

Since today’s Craftsman-style homes need to be built with care and ingenuity, hiring a skilled architect makes the most sense. They know the ins and outs of these time-tested houses and will provide an excellent plan that suits your family’s needs.


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