How to Make Your Home Stand Out With Beautiful Architecture

How to Make Your Home Stand Out With Beautiful ArchitectureEach and every home has its own unique voice. From décor to paint, there is always something in each home that makes it stand out. Although there are several ways to make your home unique, one of the biggest ways of creating a home’s individuality is through its architecture. Whether it be a stone foundation, arched gables, or a wrap-around porch, the architecture of a home is the first thing that will get your home noticed. If you are wondering how architecture can be used to make your home stand out, then consider these four architectural features.

1. Add a fireplace. Fireplaces are not only a great focal point for a room but they stimulate ideas of warm, relaxing evenings by the fire with your family and loved ones. While the specific style chosen is dependent on your taste as well as the existing architectural design of the home, according to the Daily Herald contemporary fireplaces are popular at the moment. Since contemporary furniture is gaining popularity, manufacturers are designing fireplaces to match this look. If you are considering adding a fireplace to your home then think about a contemporary look if you would like to keep things modern.

2. Add an extension. Adding an extension to your home is a huge undertaking that could take months to complete. Construction crews, an architect, and months of decisions are time-consuming and all boil down to availability and the current architectural structure of the home. However, the final structure is something that will make your home stand out, especially in neighborhoods that include homes with similar builds.

3. Emphasize existing features. Sometimes the way to make your home stand out through architecture isn’t to expand but to enhance the beauty of existing features. For example, if you are tired of staring at an old archway or the connecting room makes things feel a little too open, then a good solution may be to turn this archway into a doorway. Adding a door will enable privacy in connecting rooms while leaving the option of an open door during functions. Another way to enhance an existing feature is by updating or replacing a banister in your home. If you currently have a wrought iron banister and are unhappy with the look, then replacing this with a wooden banister is always an option.

4. Add a front porch. The front of a home is the first thing that guests or passersby notice, and a porch helps create a story for the home itself. Conjuring up images of being wrapped in a blanket on a beautiful autumn night or sipping tea and coffee in the morning before work are all part of the charm of a front porch. The beauty of a front porch is that it will not only create a unique feeling for your home, but there are endless design possibilities to really make it help your home stand out. For example, adding columns will help to create a Colonial feel for your home, while choosing a short stone fence as opposed to a wooden one can create a cottage feel. With so many different designs available, a porch gives you wonderful options in terms of creating a unique feel for your home.


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