Room Addition Versus Room Makeover – Which One is Best for You?

Room Addition Versus Room Makeover – Which One is Best for You?

Room Addition Versus Room Makeover - Which One is Best for You?Do you feel like your home is due for something new? If so, you’re probably considering either a room addition or a room makeover. While each brings something special and exciting to your house, it’s important to choose the one that’s right for your family. Otherwise, you could be living with something you don’t like that doesn’t achieve your initial goals.

The first option—an addition—provides that extra space you need. Maybe you’re starting a home business, welcoming a newborn, or housing more relatives. Whatever the case, you might be an excellent candidate for new construction. After all, additions solve a lot of space issues while not costing as much as moving.

Benefits of adding on

  1. You can house extra family members more comfortably.
  2. Add-ons allow the opportunity for additional income through renting.
  3. If done correctly, an addition can add a lot of value to your home.

Though these benefits might be the solutions to your problems, there are a few things you need to consider before you decide.

Questions to ask before adding a room

  • Will adding on add value?
    Even if you’re not selling anytime soon, someday you or your family will. Therefore, you’ll want the best investment for when the time comes. So choose the addition option that will bolster the resale value. For instance, a new bathroom addition can give you a recoup of about 57%, while a new family room could recoup your costs of almost 68%./li>
  • How much do you expect to spend?
    Though different homeowners in different areas want different things, you can expect to spend about $100 to $200 per square foot for a new addition. Then, you’ll have to consider other costs like property taxes and energy bills.
  • Are there zoning restrictions?
    Most municipalities have rules and regulations about building additions. Local zoning might put limits on how far in the front, sides, and back you can build. Plus, there’s rules on how close you can be to wetlands, how much impermeable materials can cover the lot, and how tall buildings can be.

If this sounds like too much money or too much hassle, you can look for alternative ways to add something new. Look for the best ways to eliminate the need for new construction by reconfiguring the existing space. In other words, give a room a makeover.

Room makeovers as an alternative to adding on

  • Finish the attic or basement
    If there’s enough headroom and staircase access, turning these areas into living spaces is a low cost way of increasing space. All you have to do is spruce them up a bit with new details so you can enjoy a fabulous family room, master bedroom, or even an office.
  • Underused areas
    Consider turning any rooms in your house that don’t see a lot of action into multipurpose spaces. For instance, a spare bedroom can double as a home office, whereas your dining room can turn into a media center. These are low-cost ideas that also promise much needed versatility.
  • Get rid of wasted space
    Find more efficiency within the current floorplan by changing circulation and traffic flow. You can get rid of a closet, a second stairway, or move the HVAC duct to make way for a better layout. If there’s multiple ways to get to one place, consider trimming it down to one. You’d be amazed at the extra space uncovered for a bigger kitchen or living room.

While the return on investment is a critical factor when thinking about a room addition, your current needs are also important. If you plan on living in the home for a while, then the enjoyment you’ll get from a new family room or bedroom could override the cost. However, don’t assume an addition is the only option. If you find areas of expansion within your current home that could just as easily bring you joy without the cost, then consider focusing on a makeover instead. At the end of the day, you should do what makes sense for you and your family.


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