Top Five Necessities for Successful Craftsman Architecture

Top Five Necessities for Successful Craftsman Architecture

Creating a unique feel with your furniture or décor helps to demonstrate your individuality as a person or family. Adding a throw pillow, a favorite vase, or even a painting are all fantastic ways to make your home stand out. While home décor is a great way to demonstrate your home’s unique personality, the architecture of a home is something that is often overlooked.

Craftsman architecture is a style that is currently extremely popular. With such a popular style available, one might wonder which features actually makes a Craftsman unique. If you are interested in knowing what really makes a Craftsman home stand out, then consider these top five necessities.

1. Stone added to the base of the porch.
While an entire stone porch isn’t necessarily a Craftsman-style feature, adding accent stone to the base of your porch is a subtle way to add flair to the exterior of your home while creating a Craftsman look. This offers you an opportunity to choose the stone style, size, etc., in order to really make it stand out among the other Craftsman-style homes in your area. Although there are countless stone options available for you to choose from, Build Direct has created a list of five options to get you started.

2. Gabled roofs and windows.
Gabled roofs and windows are both classic features of Craftsman-style homes. The shape offers an aesthetically pleasing look to the home while creating a practical use to dispense rainwater during bad weather and prevent buildup or pooling in certain areas. While gabled roofs and windows aren’t specific to the Craftsman style, they are important features of the style itself and provide the look with its cottage feel.

3. Matching features.
A fantastic way to make your home stand out while maintaining its existing style is to incorporate the design of unique features into other areas. For example, matching your window trim to your porch fence will ensure that colors and materials used are common throughout the entire house while your unique tastes are properly displayed.

4. Stucco or stone around your columns.
If your columns currently include brick or wood, then adding stucco or stone could be a great way to make your home look the part of a truly classic Craftsman style. If stone has already been added to the base of your porch, as suggested earlier, then adding matching stone to your column is a great way to tie in the existing décor while really making your home pop.

5. Fireplace.
Although there are several different fireplace designs available, Craftsman-style homes include a very distinct feel when it comes to the fireplace. For example, most fireplaces are the focal point of the room and offer a very homey feel. These fireplaces create a cozy environment and are perfect for parties or a small get-together. Another feature of most Craftsman-style homes is shelving on either side of the fireplace. Adding this shelving creates additional areas for decorative pieces and offers a way for homeowners to add a personal touch. While there are a number of Craftsman-style fireplaces available, Houzz offers a slideshow of inspirational ideas.


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